Europe Prominent Dosing Equipment Manufacturer

Introduction of Controlmatik ABW d.o.o. 

Company presentation slides

We collaborate with a prominent Europe based manufacturer - Controlmatik ABW d.o.o. which has been working in the water industry for more than 30 years. Manufacturing dosing equipment is the forte of the business which meant for water disinfection through chlorination, devices for measurement, regulation and control of different parameters in water, and safety equipment for the detection and neutralisation of toxic gases in the air, as well as engineering solutions for drinking water, swimming pools and process water in industry. All Controlmatik ABW products are designed, developed and manufactured internally, using only best quality materials. This prominent manufacturer is constantly creating new, advanced products to improve performance, sustainability, safety and user experience. With years of experience, knowledge and a large number of references, Controlmatik ABW enjoys a good reputation in the world of the water industry and the confidence of our clients. 
Controlmatik main products:-
a) vacuum regulator
b) ejector
c) rotameter (gas flow meter)
d) switchovers
e) pressure regulators
f) automatic chlorinators
g) electric powered emergency shut off system
h) measuring and regulations units