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Global Solutions is an industrial supply company with a leading portfolio and wide network of quality supply. With growing demand for quality industrial products, we challenge ourselves to re-define the future of industrial products supply with innovative approaches to technology and engineering in order to maximise and deliver sustainable future. Global Solutions helps our clients by supplying them top notch quality products in order to make lasting improvements to their project or production line performance and realise their most important goals both short term and long term. Our strength of excellent teamwork and real partnership have since guided our growth strategy led by experienced and dedicated veterans and executives, established affiliate relationships, and providing quality industrial supply. We are passionate about always doing the right thing for our clients, our people and our communities. At Global Solutions, providing value added one stop industrial supply services are our craft and passion. We bring a in-depth knowledge in order to be a leading one stop solution supplier to our valuable clients. Building long term relationships with our clients is something Global Solutions strongly believes in and we go to great lengths to ensure our valuable clients receive first rate service.

Our Core Values

Since its inception, Global Solutions has been governed by its core values. They shape the culture and define the character of our company. They guide how we behave and make decisions.

  • People Development: We always believe that attracting, developing and retaining the best talent for our business is the most essential thing in the business.
  • Stewardship: Stewardship is an ethic that embodies the responsible planning and management of resources. In Global Solutions, we are dedicated in fulfilling our obligation of building a better future company, meeting our commitments to stakeholders, acting with an owner mentality, developing our people and helping improve local communities and the world’s environment.
  • Customer value proposition: Enabling clients to achieve sustainable future and creating long-term relationships by being responsive and relevant and by consistently delivering value is another core values.
  • Respect for the Individual: Being a global company, valuing diversity and unique contributions, fostering a trusting, open and inclusive environment and treating each person in a manner that reflects our values lays a fundamental path for our sustainable growth for many years to come.
  • Integrity: “Knowing and doing what is right”, in Global Solutions, we believe that as a company we have moral obligations as well as commercial ones. We are committed to working as a company that focuses on treating others as we would hope to be treated - with honesty, fairness, integrity and abiding by our word.

Global Solutions

Tel: +359 2491 2334 (Office)

Corporate office address:

ul. "Tvardishki Prohod" 23, 1404 g.k. Strelbishte, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Republic of Bulgaria.